viernes, 10 de agosto de 2007


Me voy a Llanes.

Pero antes .....

How to break up. vía Soyun geek.

Primeros pasos de Anhela.

The Ideal girl in London from France

Came over then left me

She left me entranced

Now I have to get by once again on my own

Nothing but memories

So I remember your eyes that unique shade of brown

While these blue eyes of mine they stay closed

I kissed you goodbye On the M109

I choked as I watched the bus go

Choking and smoking to your angelic soul

choking and smoking myself into a hole

Where the only way out is to sleep and to dream

And to cry out your name.

La canción oculta del primer disco de The Libertines. se llama France.

Creo que llevo escuchandola unas doscientas veces ... y las que quedan.

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